2011 4 Wheel Parts LCQ Map Released

Start your engines!

In order to limit the amount of traffic on the LCQ course, HK has released the LCQ course map just in time for the holidays. Be advised, if you are going to pre run this course that Johnson Valley is an open area. Teams are urged to keep the exploration of the the LCQ course to a safe speed at all times and remember this is not a controlled area. The 4 mile course will be very similar to last years LCQ with small changes to increase spectator safety. Teams will not be allowed any outside assistance during the LCQ. A safe winch point will be provided at the top of Backdoor, but you will be responsible to ensure you can reach the stationary point. Our winch point will not be allowed to assist in your race effort without a disqualification. 20 of the nearly 70 teams will advance.

LCQ Map 2011