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National Championship change of venue announcement

Change of Venue for ULTRA4 Nationals

We are excited to announce the venue change from Reno, NV to Davis, OK (Crossbar Ranch) for the 2021 ULTRA4 Nationals. We are committed to ensuring teams and sponsors have ample notice of changes. The closing of Wild West Motorsports park in Spark, NV, has necessitated this change of venue. Reno, Nevada, has been a fantastic host for many years for Nationals. We appreciate and value the community and city who have been so supportive of ULTRA4 Racing and the race teams.

Nationals will be held on the same weekend as originally scheduled (Oct 16 – 17), but now in Davis, Oklahoma, at Crossbar Ranch. The team at Crossbar Ranch are great partners and are continuing to work to build upon the great racing we had at the 2020 Nationals at this location. The course will continue to challenge all classes with multiple obstacles to really test man and machine for the 2021 Nationals Points Championship and the live coverage will continue to expand and evolve.

There will be more specific information to come regarding camping and a detailed schedule. Continue to refer to the Nationals race page ( ) which will be updated with relevant information as it becomes available. We will be doing full live coverage at as well as on YouTube, Facebook, and Ultra4TV, celebrating our drivers and bringing the race into households all across the world with the expanded regional race production team.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at Nationals.

~ The ULTRA4 Racing team