King of The Hammers Tickets and Wrist Bands FAQ

Where can I purchase tickets for King of The Hammers?  is where tickets can be purchased in advance until 1/25 under "general event." After that, they will be available for sale at the gate. They are $30 online for pre-order, $40 in person at the gate. Kids 10 and under are free as always. The price is good for one day or the entire week.  Military discounts are available only at the gate with Military ID. Active Duty are free, Veterans and dependants with Military ID are half off at the gate ($15). 

Who needs a Camper Pass? 

This fee applies to any camping vehicle with living quarters, (ie; RV, Trailer, Cab-Over, Toter-Home) entering Johnson Valley during KOH. This fee applies to all camping vehicles, whether you are staying with a team inside Hammertown or dry camping anywhere in Johnson Valley. Camping passes available at

If I'm pitting for a team, do I need a spectator band?  
No, you only need to purchase your pit band, which can also be pre-ordered at  Please click here for information regarding Pit Bands. 

Can a spectator purchase a pit band?  
This is not necessary. A pit band does not give a spectator any more access. Only those that have pre-planned to work with a team in the pits on race day need a pit band. Hammertown is open to anyone with a spectator band, so fans can walk the streets of Hammertown and watch the teams at work throughout the week.  Pit Bands are only required for those that will be touching the race car during the race.

Does my spectator band get me access to the entire race course? 
No. It gets you access to great spectator areas where you can view the cars getting through some of the crazy rock canyons. For your safety and the safety of our drivers, you cannot access areas outside of the spectator areas.  These cars travel the desert at high speeds, and many of the rock canyons are only accessible by traveling on race course which puts your safety in jeopardy and could get the race shut down. Please stick to the designated spectator areas. 

Is there an additional cost to camp at King of The Hammers? 
Yes, if you are bringing a camping vehicle with you, there is a $20 Camper pass required. This fee applies to any camping vehicle with living quarters, (ie; RV, Trailer, Cab-Over, Toter-Home) entering Johnson Valley during KOH. This fee applies to all campers, whether you are staying with a team inside Hammertown or dry camping anywhere in Johnson Valley. Camping is first-come, first-served on the laked bed. It is dry camping without hookups or water services. You are welcome to camp wherever you like as long it's more than 150 feet away from race course, which is clearly marked.  Camping inside the fences of Hammertown is reserved for pre-registered race teams and sponsors.  

Do I have to pay if I'm not going into Hammertown and I'm just coming out to camp with friends? 

Yes. Anyone planning to spectate or camp in Johnson Valley during KOH is required to have a wrist band (spectator pass) and a pass for their camping vehicle. If you are coming to Johnson Valley OHV area during KOH, you will need to pay a spectator fee. Johnson Valley OHV area is public land, but we don’t get to use it for free, we are required to obtain a permit through the BLM each year giving us the right to hold an exclusive event. It takes a lot of labor, people, and equipment to make 7 days of racing feasible and erect Hammertown and clean it all up when we are done. This is why there is a fee charged during KOH. Most of the year Johnson Valley is open to the public and free, however, when a special event, such as King of The Hammers is happening, and it requires a permit, which is why there is a charge. 

What do I get with my ticket? 
Your ticket gets you access to to Johnson Valley for the duration of KOH. This includes access to spectator areas, Hammertown, and dry camping locations. The first 5000 entrants also receive participant stickers, and we give out a spectator flyer with a map of spectator areas, Hammertown vendors, and a list of the full week's schedule. Spectators also have access to the Jumbotron and port-a-johns inside Hammertown. There is medical and safety personnel on site throughout the week as well. 

Can I drive my vehicle into hammertown with my wrist band? 
No. Hammertown vehicle access is limited to teams and vendors with Hammertown parking stickers prominently displayed. 

I bought my tickets online, what do I do with the Code (black and white square) it gave me? 

The black and white square is known as a QR Code, please either download that to the photos on your phone, or printout a copy to bring with you to present to a gateworker at the gate on Boone Rd into Hammertown.  Remember, cell service is limited, so please don't wait to download/access the tickets/codes. Have them handy before you turn onto Boone Rd. 

I heard that payment is a donation and optional, do I need to pay? 

If you're over 10 years of age and you're coming out for KOH Week, yes, you do need to pay. It has not been a donation for several years. We are required to have a permit to hold KOH, the cost of that permit is substantial and part of the reason it's costly is because of the infrastructure needed to accomodate the large crowds of spectators. This makes us different than many other desert races where spectators do not camp on site for 2-10 days. Our event is a race and festival, and just like festivals such as Burning Man, when we have a permit there is a charge to access the area, when there is not an event going on, there is not a change for use of the public land.  Here is an example of some of our costs. 

 $250000 - blm permit (based upon estimated number of spectators)
$40000 - port a potties
$25000 - medical personnel (based on number of spectators)
$22000 - jumbotron for spectators who don’t have vehicles to go to canyons
$30000 - security
$10000 – dust control caused by number of vehicles in Johnson Valley
$20000 - fencing for spectator safety

If I'm only coming for a day, can I get a discount? 
We try to keep spectator costs to a minimum already, whether you are out there for the day or the week, the cost is the same, we do not offer deeper discounts if you're only coming for a day. 

I forgot/lost my tickets, is there any way you can send them to me again? 
You can retrieve all of your tickets using your email address at along the top of the page there is a gray bar that says "resend confirmation" click this button and you can re-send your tickets

What do I need to bring with me to the front gate? 
After you pay for your bands, camping passes and/or parking stickers, you are given the option to text/print tickets. When you click on the tickets you will see a scannable black and white box which is a QR Code. This code is what you need to have available either printed on a piece of paper or saved to your phone that can be scanned at the front gate.  Do not wait to download this code on the lake bed. There is not enough cell service and we cannot look up your tickets for you. 

We may be getting in late, what are the hours that the front gate will be open? 
The front gate is open 24/7 starting on Friday, January 25th through Friday, February 8th. 

The web site says it's not secure. I don't want to enter my credit card information. is just a an easy to remember link, the actual ticket purchase process is done on this site: feel free to use that link if you'd like. The landing page uses an iframe and still has the same security, but we understand why this makes some people uncomfortable.