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Dennis P Lapp

Drivers Bio: 
2018 will be my third third season driving an Ultra4 Legends car. I would like to thank my wife Amy and my buddies Dave Anthis, Larry Smith, and Pete Day for helping me build my new car in 2017. I started out turning my 73 Landcruiser trail rig into a Legends car in 2014. We ended up on the podium our first race at Miller Motorsports Park, setting the hook deep. I raced that Cruiser for 2 years, but quickly knew that I needed a lighter racecar to be competitive with the buggies we raced against. Enter Jolene, a 2012 Jimmys chassis found on the interweb. A quick trip to San Fransisco on 4th of July weekend, and we had ourselves a new project. 15 months of aggravating our UPS driver later, we debuted Jolene at the 2017 National race at the Wild West Motorsports park. She did great for her first race and we are ready for KOH 2018. See you all there.

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