Edwin Abd

Drivers Bio: 
Racing Ultra 4 has been a dream of mine since I came to my very first Ultra 4 race is 2009 and helped pit for Randy Slawson and Richard Gauthier. In 2016, I was able to purchase a formally raced Ultra 4 rig from Jim Lambert, and the dream became a reality. I am now racing a 2014 Fishmouth Fabworks chassis. Fueld by passion for the sport, and support of family, friends, and sponors, we’re proud to be a part of the Ultra 4 family. Big thanks to my wife and 4 kids for continued support and making it to all my races, and also thanks to my work, Poly Performace for sponsoring me along the way. Couldn’t say thanks enough. Aside from racing, I am also a property committee member for the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Board member for Friends of Fordyce, and founder of Placer County Crawlers.

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