Jeremy Jones

Drivers Bio: 
My name is Jeremy Jones. I am a chiropractor in Laramie Wyoming. I am the owner and operator of the Laramie Spinal Care Center. I have been in practice here since 1999. My practice is sports medicine based, and I have been the team chiropractor for University of Wyoming Athletics for the past 15 years. I am married to my beautiful wife, Beth, and we have no kids. We have a Vizsla named Finnegan. I have been rock crawling for the past 20 years, but only racing for the past year starting with KOH in 2018. I have been in pursuit of speed my entire life. From bikes to cars, I was always doing things to make them perform better. Ultra4 racing has taken this to a new level and brought fourth unimaginable challenges. One of those challenges is to go fast through obstacles and roads that are not intended for speed without destroying your car. Luckily, if you do break, there are so many good people willing to help you get going again. The people of off roading and off road racing have been among the best I've ever met, from my team, to race staff, to other race teams, to(and especially) the fans of ultra4 racing. I am looking forward to getting out and mixing it up with all of you guys in the 2019 season. I am also excited and proud to be a part of teams Raceline and Maxxis . They have been great to work with and have a tremendous product. The Raceline Monster wheel and Maxxis Trepador tire combination have not failed in the last two races that I've completed, allowing me successful finishes in both. Thanks to both companies, as it is great to finish races on the same wheels and tires that you start on. Thanks, also to Trentfab for building me a great car that allows me the opportunity to race. Thanks to Chris Rea for riding along with me. I'm excited to put his knowledge and experience to work in the race car. Thanks again to every on that I mentioned. I really appreciate you.

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