Contact Us

  • Dave Cole
    Executive Director
    Dave is one of the founders of King of The Hammers. He is an off road enthusiast, land use advocate, racer and the executive director of HammerKing Productions, the organization behind King of The Hammers. Those interested in partnership or racing opportunities with ULTRA4 Racing should contact Dave.
  • Shannon Welch
    Communications Director
    Shannon Welch has more than 10 years experience in the off road industry as an off road enthusiast, land use advocate and ULTRA4 race team manager. Please contact Shannon directly with questions regarding, media inquiries, driver inquiries, and general information or announcements regarding the King of The Hammers or ULTRA4 Races.
  • Jeremy Dickenson
    Sales and Business Development
    Jeremy Dickenson has 15 years Sales and Marketing experience. He is a life-long off-road enthusiast, and has spent 6 years as a competitive off-road racer. Please contact Jeremy directly with any sponsorship or vending questions. Jeremy is responsible for all vendor and sponsorship relationships.
  • JT Taylor
    Race Director
    JT Taylor is part of the "OG 13" that first raced at King of The Hammers. He has extensive race experience in ULTRA4, Desert Racing, Baja and Colorado Hill Climbs. He's been a part of ULTRA4 since the very beginning and is now Race Director and Tech Inspector. Before emailing JT a tech question you MUST read the Rule Book and cite the specific rule number for which you have a question.
  • Roxy Foster
    ULTRA4 Store and KOH Merchandise
    Roxy has been a part of King of The Hammers since the very beginning! If you've got a question on ULTRA4 or KOH Swag or questions on our Internet Store. Roxy is the person to contact!
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