2021 Hammertown Generator Rentals

Provide the full name of the driver of record.

25kVA Generator + Spider Box
  • Two 20A receptacles on generator
  • 50' 50A power cable
  • Six 20A outlets
  • Up to 40 hours of use
  • Generators must be full when returned or be charged $6.50/gallon.  
  • You can pre-buy a full tank of diesel for closer to $3/gallon on the lakebed at time of pickup.  Like a rental car, partial refunds for unused diesel will not be given.

Must rent by 1/25

If there are any questions regarding rental costs and why there were changes, please contact Travis Waldher at 206-794-1528 or [email protected]. 

If a team wishes to rent something other than this, they can contact Bobby at Brudvik directly, 760-320-9221.

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